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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My FIRST Baby!

Our precious boy.
Seven years ago today, my (then) boyfriend & now DH, brought home a tote bag from work.  His dog, Mackey, was very interested in that bag and began to sniff it and check it out.  Soon after, a tiny white puppy peeked out his head to meet his new brother.

I received a call at my house from my then boyfriend (this was before we were living in sin) telling me he "had a surprise."  I instantly knew what that meant.  "You got that puppy, didn't you?" I asked, wondering why in God's green Earth someone would want TWO dogs.  :)

I went over to what is now our house to meet this teensy little fellow named Steve.  He was PRECIOUS - a tiny, white, curious, sweet smelling boy with razor sharp teeth and deadly sharp claws.  My heart changed from that day on  A love for this sweet boy that I could not describe developed so quickly and intensely.  (For the record, I was falling in love with my future husband, too - ha!)  Steve and his mom had an instant bond that continues today.  With my heart so full, I can ONLY begin to imagine the kind of love a mother has for her human child.  It may sound crazy, but that's the kind of dog mom I am.

My precious baby dog was a funny, silly, naughty, crazy, energetic, sweet boy then just as he is today.  Except now his 122 pound body is a little heavier at age 7 than it was as a handful of pounds at 4.5 weeks!

Happy "Gotcha" Day, Steve.  I love you, my "tiny manz."

Steve at school with his new Dad, just before coming home for the first time.

Mom & Baby Stevie - LOVE at first sight!
Mackey (who was about 35 lbs. then) with Steve - now over 120 lbs.!

"A bath?  I just got here!" (cue sad eyes) Love the soap beard!
I loved to climb my Mom and gnaw on her tasty hair.

I could finally reach the tall food bowl.  I was now a big boy!


St Elsewhere said...

He is so awesome...and so is Mackey.

...loved the pic of Steve gnawing your that what you do to maintain the curls? :-)

Baby Steps said...

OMG!! So, so cute!!!

Maria (MKC101103) said...

There are no words for that CUTENESS!!!!!!

sooo makes me miss Jimmy :(

Anonymous said...

He is the CUTEST little puppy! What a sweet dog. Thank you for sharing the pictures.

foxy said...

Oh my gosh, how is it possible that puppies are SO CUTE!

My husband wants to get another one, and while I think it would be awesome, part of my is so overwhelmed thinking about all the puppy crazy! Have fun with your little cutie pie

foxy said...

hehe, I saw the adorable pictures and jumped right into my comment, totally missing the fact that you puppy is now 7 years old! Still very cute! Gotta love our furbabes.

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