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Sunday, August 12, 2012

It's Not IF Calling . . . This Time

Nope.  It wasn't IF.  Instead, it's the waiting-future-adoptive-Mommy-and-presently-crazy-lady!  Mr. Rambler and I went to South Lake Tahoe for a weekend getaway and family wedding.  After we landed at the airport, we descended down a long & steep escalator towards baggage claim.  As we were coming down the escalator I saw a stroller/infant carrier like we plan to get at the bottom. Then (here comes the delusional me!) I thought to myself, “How cool would that be if A (the co-owner/director of our agency) was standing there with OUR baby in OUR carrier???”

Told ya so . . . . . I am now the waiting-future-adoptive-Mommy-and-presently-crazy-lady.  This can only get worse the longer we wait!

1 comment:

Maria (MKC101103) said...

Hmmm...isn't that called positive thinking??? It's like that book that was out a few years ago that people went nuts over. In a tiny nutshell, all you were supposed to do is picture something happening, something you really wanted, over and over. And BAM! It was supposed to come true. I think you're on the right path :)

Ok, I just Googled it. It's called "The Secret". I remember reading it before I did EJ's IVF.

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