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Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Name Game

In order to avoid naming our baby the names we are currently using, I'm trying out different names and throwing out a new one to DH each day or two. After telling Mr. Rambler that I worry "the call" will come and we'll suddenly have a nameless baby, he seems to listen a bit more. Sometimes a thoughtful glance or a wince give me a quick indication on DH's opinions . . . and sometimes not.

I think we are finally whittling down the list to become the short list - at least for first names.  Hmph.  Seriously, how DO we decide together????  This is important stuff here!

Guess if we cannot decide we'll be forced to go with Peristalsis Cleopatra Phoenix or Nebuchadnezzar Robitussin Synthroid.  Oh, how I hope we can come up with something else.


Kelli said...

Well on the bright side- if you go w either of those names your child will learn the alphabet quickly! A short list is better than no list. Maybe you just need to see him/her and then the name will come to both of you.

Maria (MKC101103) said...

There was only ONE name for a boy Ed and I agreed on (Jacob). Out of all the boy names in the world, we agreed on that ONE. For a girl we had two we both liked (Jillian and Madelyn). And up until just a few days before she was born, Jillian was going to be called Madelyn...SO SO SO glad we changed to Jillian. Both names fit the twins to a tee. EJ was a no-brainer since he's the fourth in the family with that name. It goes back to Ed's grandfather.

One big thing that helped us rule out/agree on names was to use them when we talked about the babies, ALL THE TIME. It helped to get a "feel" for how it would sound. And say it over and over because you literally say your child's name a bazillion times a day :)

Beth said...
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