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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Are you KIDDING me????

I know that I am not NEARLY as eloquent as Mel of The Stirrup Queens, but when she sent out a message to our listserv group about this article I had to say *something* about it.  What was written is completely stupid and I was really too dumbfounded to craft an eloquent response.  Read the article and respond if you like.  Just be prepared.  And if you read the comments which have a strong parallel of stupidity to the article, be really prepared.

My response:

"You MUST be kidding me.  This article makes me sick.  Unless you are a Reproductive Endocrinologist or have experienced infertility, you have no right to debunk the "myths" of fertility or lack thereof.  Please stick to authoring cute articles about other things you do not know or understand."


Shanny said...

I like your response to her article, how on earth did she come up with such ridiculousness? Grrrrr!

Maria (MKC101103) said...

My response:
I think my biggest complaint about this article is that it is mostly based on the OPINION of the author and she is presenting it as FACT. She doesn't know if Carla had IF treatments or not. She doesn't seem to have any hard facts here. It is all assumptions on her part. She writes the typical "I see all the time" and "I know many women" but in the one specific case discussed, she hasn't even verified her "reports" about IF or PPD.

And the big "reveal" is just a bold lie. She didn't reveal anything. I think it was very inappropriate for the author to make any kind of connection between this woman getting pregnant at 44 and it defying infertility facts/statistics.

Misty said...

You guys are so much more eloquent. My first thought was "what a dumb bitch!!". My question isn't so much why do you think you are in a position to make these statements, but why did you write this? What is your motivation? She takes one single pregnant woman in her 40's and makes assumptions about everyone else in the world (and oh yeah, the one single pregnant woman, too). If it's such a myth, why doesn't every single person who seeks IF treatments get pregnant????

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