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Monday, November 12, 2012

Two Whole Months

Where has time gone?  Kate turned 2 months old yesterday!  Every time I pull out the camera, she becomes more interested in the lens than she is in smiling! That's why Kate is in the beginning of a smile in this photo.  I got what I could which is still amazingly precious to me.  :)

As you can tell, Miss Katherine is growing like crazy and really filling out.  We can’t believe how big she has gotten & look forward to an actual weight/length at her two-month check at the pediatrician.  She is CRAZY strong and pretty much crawled over her Boppy pillow during tummy time last night.  Steve must have been proud of her because he stopped, licked her twice on the head, and laid down in the middle of her room - his new place.

Funny story:  After I was done taking pics with Kate, Mr. Rambler said, “What is that on her legs?”  I excitedly said, “Legwarmers!  They’re called Baby Legs!”  I won’t share exactly what he said (haha), but he hates them and later asked Kate if she was crying because she hated her legwarmers.  It’s all good, though, because Daddy hung Kate’s chandelier not long after that.  Hahaha!  We’ve been working hard on her nursery and it is already looking sssoooo pretty!  Photos to come soon . . .


The Writer Chic said...

We love our baby legs!!! =) And I can't wait to see pics of her room.

Marsha said...

Precious!! You should have seen the protest at our house when I tried to put the boys in baby legs!

Anonymous said...

She is so freakin' cute!

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