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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Time for Audience Participation

I'm not pg as usual. It's been four months since our last loss & it's time. I know our timing hasn't been great & we haven't BD like we should during sex week. Dr. Gloom & Doom - aka the RE - said that time is definitely not on my side and he had some concerns for my egg quality. (This was stated without any of his testing.) However, I really want us to try and get pg without his help for a few reasons:

#1 - We can get pregnant. That's been proven a few times already.
#2 - Money isn't on our side. The dollar figures DrG&D gave us were alarming and frightening.
#3 - I want to try a pregnancy w/ Lovenox before we hit the RE up again.

So . . . now for audience participation time! I'm thinking of calling my regular OB/Gyn (who I love) and asking him if Clomid or some other medication would help increase the strength of my eggs. Go at it like rabbits this cycle, hopefully get KU, stab myself with needles full of Lovenox, and have a baby in the next ten months. Please add in the comments what you know/think or any experiences you can share.


Penny said...

I don't have any advice for you, but I'm obeying the call for audience participation. I hope this next time is the charm for you guys and you won't have to shell out a small (or large!) fortune...

Maria (MKC101103) said...

Did you have the RPL testing done to know that Lovenox is a good treatment option for you?

I never like when people go on Clomid with their OB/GYN. A Clomid cycle needs proper monitoring and GYN's usually don't know what to do or exactly what kind of results they're looking for. Will your RE put you on Clomid and monitor you? Or won't your insurance pay for you to see the RE at all?

Have you thought about P4 supplements?

Jen said...

I have to do lovenox...ugh. I think you should call your OB and talk to him/her. OB can definitely get the clomid for you!

Deborah said...

I am sorry that I have no good advice. I have to do IVF. I certainly understand wanting to avoid IVF. If you haven't done clomid before, I think it would be worth a try. I have no idea if it does anything for egg quality, just egg quantity.

Good luck!

kate said...

I have no clue about how to answer your questions, but I hope that everything turns out the way you want. Audience participation - check!

K-tell said...

The only info that I can give you on Clomid is not very good, so take this one case with a grain of salt!

My IRL lplassman (on the nest) went on Clomid to help the timing of her ovulation, even though she ovulated fine on her own (2 m/c's-- so she can get pg, like you, it's the staying pg part that is the problem). Anyway, she went on Clomid and STOPPED ovulating. It really kind of screwed her up for a couple months and was very frustrating for her to have created a new problem and set her back a few months.

Maybe you could as your OB if this is common or whether it's not something you should be concerned with.


Janna said...

I say call the OB and have a talk with him/her. I know what it's like to not be able to afford all the fancy treatments and have Clomid be the only choice. So if that's what you want to do, and your doctor is willing, go for it!!

I was on Clomid with my OB, and I did just fine. I didn't have all the follie scans, but I had a progesterone check at 7dpo and monthly appts when things didn't work out. So some OBgyns can be caring and attentive when they have you on Clomid.

Chelle said...

I like that you are taking control! I don't have experience because we went strait to IVF, but It sounds like a plan to me! Good luck!

Newt said...

I don't know about the Clomid, but I applaud the plan to get pg on your own. It makes sense to me that you should concentrate treatments where they're going to do the most good. I think the RE's sometimes push IUI and IVF as one-size solutions for everyone.

I particularly like the part of the plan where you have a baby in 10 months. Hell yeah.

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