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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

ABCs of Me

I've probably done this before, but since I'm super stressed out right now with work and exhausted when I get home, this is what you get. Hope you don't feel too cheated.

Amazing Grace is a song I sing in the shower.

Black is a color I wear often.

Cats - 1 - Mindy (age 16!).

Dogs - 3 - Mackey (14), Pippin (6), and Steve (5)

Eggs are only semi-appealing to me if scrambled.

Finding good deals when shopping gives me a crazy, natural high.

Grass after it's been cut makes me sneeze like crazy.

Having children sometimes seems so out of reach to me.

Ice (and lots of it) in fountain drinks is essential.

Jim is my Dad (step-dad).

Kristin is my first name.

Leigh is my middle name, given to me from my Dad (his name is Melvin Lee).

Mel is my Dad.

Never will I jump from anything high (buildings, planes, mountains, cliffs, etc.).

Octomom is a crackheaded nutcase IMO.

Patricia (Pat) is my mom's name.

Quitting is not an option, even though I often feel like it should be.

Realizing my grandmother is really gone is still difficult.

Steve is my 110 lb. baby dog. I once told DH that he should be happy I met him before we got Steve. God, I love that dog.

Todd is my handsome husband.

Ultraviolet rays quickly burn my very fair skin. I've had more sunburns than I can count on my hands.

Very little work is being done by me today.

Why? I really want to know.

Xrays have been made of my body from head to toe.

Yelling is not necessary in an argument.

Zero is the number of children we have, and I hope and pray that changes.


Shannon said...

I agree about Octomom :)

Maria (MKC101103) said...

"Yelling is not necessary in an argument." My word, you sound like Ed. I disagree with both of you. LOL.

KandiB said...

How fun! Love it!

Finding those sweet deals is the ultimate rush, for sure. I ALWAYS check out the clearance racks at Tarjay and KMarche. LOVE them!

Brooke said...

YES Octomom is a crack head crazy! And yes I hope your number of children changes soon. No yelling isnt necessary but it sometimes just happens. I love the smell of fresh cut grass.

Lucky said...

I'm the exact same way about finding good deals. And then I proceed to tell anyone who will listen about the amazing deals...

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