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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Show and Tell

Many people tell me that I'll be in trouble when I actually have children. You see, I'm a photo freak. I LOVE PICTURES. Since our wedding over two years ago, I've become a bit slack in the photo-taking department. I'm working on getting back to my typical shutterbug self.

For now, I take a shitton amount of photos of my babies - my pets. People pull out pics of their kids, I pull out pics of my dogs. I'm okay being the crazy, infertile woman that carries around pics of her cat and dogs. Gotta take what you can get!

Yesterday I took the dogs to run errands with me. THEY LOVED IT. We went by my Dad's office to pick up something. They got treats. We went to the bank to get money for the maid. They got treats. We drove thru to get me some lunch. They got treats. Of course, I took over a dozen photos during our hour run!

Since I'm sure you were wondering, the bank is always their favorite. The two big dogs start to whine as we pull up to the drive in tellers. Pippin & Steve watch the carriers zip through the tubes. Yesterday as we were waiting, I noticed Steve staring at a man in the lane next to us. This poor man had his carrier & I think Steve was waiting for his treat from the man. :)

Without further adieu . . . my Show & Tell . . . my babies.

Mackey gets the front seat because Steve's an asshole & steps on him he's the oldest. Think I need to get him a pillow, so it'll be easier for him to stand and see out the window.

Sweet Pippin. She's always so good in the car. She likes to stick her head out the windows and let her hair blow in the wind.

And then there's Steve. He's usually not well-behaved in the car but he's damn cute. I thought at one point he was stuck in the floorboard behind my seat. That is until I figured out he was sitting right in front of the vents in the back. Rotten.

Be sure to check out the rest of Mel's Show and Tell. I know that you won't see any other photos of such cute dogs, but you might enjoy something else. :)


noswimmers said...

Teehee...I love your kiddos! They're so cute. Mine LOVE going to the coffee stand in the morning. Tungsten sticks his head out the window and the girl plops a bone in his mouth. Mabel won't eat hers until I break it in half.

What would we do without them?

Thanks for sharing!

Mrs. Gamgee said...

Beautiful dogs! I wish I could have one or two...

Juicy said...

HA! I laughed my ass off reading the part where you said Steve's an asshole. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Awesome. Love it. Your dogs are so cute. Why don't we ever see pics of the cat? The elusive cat?

I have a ton of pics of my cats too, I'm a crazed batshit lady also. :) I've got good company.

My sister takes her dogs to do errands sometimes and she found out that her bank gives out doggie treats! Maybe not anymore, not in this economy..

Maria (MKC101103) said...

Man do I love Steve's cute face!!!!

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