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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Everyone Get to It!

Daily Sex Makes for Healthy Sperm

"Having sex every day improves the quality of men's sperm and is recommended for couples trying to conceive, according to new research."

I'm tired just thinking about it.


Trish said...

Yeah, um. we TTC far too long for that.
I told him to pleasure himself daily until I told him it was time to keep them for me.

WiseGuy said...

I hate these stupid research findings....always contradicting one another!

Shanny said...

Oh yeah! I'm on my way to start this daily routine.... if only we didn't already know *exactly* when we were fertile in order to avoid the everyday sex life I mean we could have saved all that knowledge and just go at it everyday... not like we need energy to go about our lifes huh? heehee they are funny... and dare I say in another world full of time? =)

Crysbena said...

I've heard of this and DH was so excited when I shared the news :)

Wifezzilla said...

GET OUT OF MY HEAD! I was on the fence about posting to my blog about daily sex and what a PITA it is!

we resolved to try it daily for the next few days to see how fast we can burn ourselves out. hopefully it works.

Misty said...

Sure it might help. But so NOT happening at our house. We're going to try in October... but then back to the Clomid and Metformin and.....

Mrs. Gamgee said...

not gonna be happening in my house. Every other day is plenty! Good heavens, I'm not telling my dh about that one.

Juicy said...

that's interesting. Totally the opposite of what my RE said.

Well, what the hell are you blogging for??? Shouldn't Todd be getting some hanky panky 'bout now??

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