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Saturday, June 27, 2009

However . . .

In response to my post from yesterday (or was it the day before?):

I'm mainly irritated with the women on FB who have not experienced PL/RPL/IF. I'm crazy, bitter, irritated, sad, frustrated, and pretending to be hopeful right now. However, I am not upset by those of you whom I consider friends (IRL, FB, PL/TTCAL/SAL/PAL & OL) who know where I'm coming from because you've been where I am right now. That includes my Newtie, Maria, & Joyce and their overly cute men. Don't be foolin' yourself that you can rid of a kekis THAT easily. :)

Now there are the ones who have been in uterus before and just constantly bitch about everything when they're pg. They are a whole different story and an entirely different ranting, rambling post.

As far as this ridiculous cycle #26, I'm on CD17 or 18 and I started pink spotting today. Not spots as in dots, but light, pink, watery stuff when I wipe. You know - the kinda stuff I'd freak out about if I were . . . say . . . 6w3d pregnant & I saw it. Guess I'll call Dr. Terrific and hang out with him. I miss him anyway. How sick is that?

Until the uterus turns again, my friends . . .


Newt said...

I knew what you meant, doodlebug. Enjoy (?) hanging with Dr. T!

Maria (MKC101103) said...

Implantation spotting??

Jamie said...

I like thinking it could be implantation spotting, too!!

noswimmers said...

Oooh...I'm going to hope for implantation spotting, too! :)

La La said...

Just stopping by to say "thanks" for the comment on my blog.

I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that this cycle is "it" for you!

Juicy said...

I don't wanna get rid of my kekis ever!


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