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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

He IS Waiting

While I realize I don't always act or show it on this blog, I rely on God each and every day. I am a Christian, albeit imperfect, and my faith in the Lord is assuredly the only thing that has gotten me this far. I read this on another blog today, and it really hit home.

On Misty's blog, she spoke to me saying, "God is there, my sweet friends. Some of His greatest requirements of us, will truly be our largest sacrifices. Carry on. Run, walk, crawl through each day, knowing He is waiting to bare you up."

It is so true. There have been days in my journey to become a mother that even crawling has seemed impossible. How could I crawl if fear paralyzed me from even getting out of bed? Yet in those times, God helped me crawl. And then He retaught me how to walk. Some days I can even run. Thanks to Misty for such a poignant reminder.

I still look to the day that we will run with our child, but until then, I am thankful that He will bare me up. Even in the times when I cannot fathom doing it.


Crysbena said...

Thank you for sharing this... it is so poingnant. Just reading your post lifted my heart.

KandiB said...

So true...and even when we can't see him, He's there. I can't count the times in my life when I've been so low that I can't see anything. Then, weeks, months, years later, I can totally see His hand in my life, protecting me, helping me, sheltering me from utter destruction.

Lucky said...

In my darkest moments, I feel like all I have is God. There are so many moments that would have been impossible without Him.

Your words are beautiful.

Maria (MKC101103) said...

I hope you realize the strength you possess and pass on to others.

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