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Monday, November 16, 2009

Christmas Card Ideas

(Note: I started this last night, finished it this morning, and finally have a chance to post.)

Effing Xmas cards. I'm tired of them. I'm tired of putting the thought and heart into them each year. We have photos taken, include photos of the pets, maybe write a little something, have custom printing done, go over the list to keep it under 150, address all of the envelopes, seal, stamp & mail them all. It's just a lot of money and work, and just don't really feel like it.

I feel like this year we should send them out to look something like this:

We'll just use last year's photo and this year's text, which should have/could have been text for the past two years.

If it's not appropriate to send these out - and believe me, I'm tempted - I may not send any out at all. Instead, I'll wait for all the precious, cute, wonderful cards from family and friends with their precious children that I don't have. How's that for some bitter Christmas candy?


Shanny said...

I like it, I think you should send me one so I can insert my own face in the picture and send it out too, heehee.
By the way, I was so tempted last year to shred all the 'happy family' cards I got. Evil I know, but they are asking for it shoving their kids in our faces, no? lol
OH, and I'll definitely have a drink in your honor on Thanksgiving =)

Anonymous said...

Wow, 150? You go, girl!!! I usually only manage around 50! I love the idea. I have thought of doing something similar. What I try to do is find a picture of DH and I doing something cute and fun...that people with kids just can't do (dinner at a really fancy restaurant or traveling to not-kid-friendly locales). Is that evil?

Good luck!

Jammie J. said...

LOL... sorry, but the "Hi, it's us again..." started me off laughing.

Yeah, I so relate. I thought about asking if I could borrow that text... heh, then realized I do what Rain Child does, sort of. A whole dissertation about all the exotic traveling and stuff that we do as a couple. Heh. *sigh*

Juicy said...

dude. best. card. EVER!

Jen said...

Maybe it's just me and where I'm at in life. But I like the card, it made me laugh.

I say what the hell and send that out this year!

Jennifer said...

Why not- I think honesty has it's place in this world. I'm going all out propaganda style with the dogs telling everyone that 7-8 million animals die each year without a home. Nicest of holiday messages? Not unless you are the lucky adopted dog... But hey, I am who I am and I mean what I say just like you.


Cherish said...

Hopped over to this post from 999 reasons to laugh... and I laughed so hard! What a perfect card!

Allison said...

I'm visiting from 999 Reasons...I love your card! V classic. :)

Best wishes, from another waiting-to-be-mom.

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