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Sunday, November 1, 2009

A New Award

After posting my last entry about being "back in the saddle," I began to think about all of the other men and women in this world that are doing the same. So many that need recognition that their words provide strength and inspiration to the rest of us. I decided that we needed a blog award to share with others and I got to work. Therefore, I present:

Background: This award is given to bloggers that are "Back in the Saddle" of life. This may be someone who is undergoing medical treatments, restarting his/her life, resurfacing after a tragedy, or someone who is just trying to sport a new attitude. Recipients have an attitude of a fighter, strive to be a winner of the battle, and show determination.

Rules: Post the award's graphic, background, and rules on your blog. Explain how you are "Back in the Saddle" again, and then pass the award on to at least four other bloggers who are "Back in the Saddle" just like you. Make sure you let them know that they have been given this award, and ask them to pass it on.

The first recipients of the prestigious Back in the Saddle Award are:

1. Shanny - Shanny is battling Infertility and refuses to give up. Keep going, girl!

2. Jen - After suddenly losing her husband last year, Jen has decided to get back on the horse called life and ride it with all her might.

3. No Swimmers - After losing her precious twin girls, N.S. recently became a mommy and is riding in a new saddle.

4. Sarah - Sarah is going to be a mommy next week! Thanks to the blessing of a birthmother, she and Jamie are adopting precious Payton who is scheduled to be born on November 9th.

5. WiseGuy - S is also battling IF and trying to maintain a positive attitude despite it all.


NoVaIrish said...

What a great award, K! I think I am going to have some new blogs to follow :-)

WiseGuy said...

Thank You for the award. To be in the first list of recipients made me smile...I shall get down to it soon.

...the thought behind the award is very touching.

Shanny said...

Awww thank you!!!
I love this award, it is AWESOME. I find it inspirational to keep going... cause it really would be bad to not live up to an award right? lol

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