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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Back in the Saddle . . . Again

Cysts are gone! Nothing there but a couple of ovaries, all ripe for the growing of follies.

When I entered the office "across the street", the waiting room was void of all patients. Sweet! No beautifully round baby bellies staring at my broken, baby-killing uterus. When Nurse E took my bp (which was elevated again) and Dr. T came out to greet me, I said, "So this is what it's like on the other side! Let's get this going, so I can be here for real."

Being the completely immodest person I am, I start stripping once I walk into the exam room. Don't think the door was even closed - maybe I should work on that a bit. Nurse E, not being like my puncturer, wasn't fazed a bit. Dr. T comes in and proves that my ovaries are lovely. He used a machine that is being replaced on Monday for a newer model. That's when I had a great idea.

Dr. T and I discussed it, and we are going to start a business. Since we live merely a few blocks away from one another, we are going to take the old u/s machine to his house. He'll open up his garage doing FMS and u/s for $20. We're going to start recruiting the neighborhood infertiles first, and go from there. I'll let you know how that goes. ;)

Anyway . . . I started the Femara again yesterday and go back on the 9th for an FMS. Depending on what we see, we'll get ready for an hcg trigger shot and IUI. The worst part of this cycle is that my FSA (flexible spending account for medical) is gone. I've used all $1500 of it this year. It'll cost me cash out of my pocket now.

As I stepped out of the exam room, there was an obviously pregnant woman with her husband waiting to come in. Nurse E had just asked her how many weeks along she was (30) and if she'd done her glucose test (yes). Dr. T and I walk by them, and then is how it goes:

Dr. T: "Hey, do mind if she rubs your belly?"

Girl: smiles.

Dr. T: "She's infertile."

Girl: most likely freaks out on the inside.

Me: "I'll touch her belly if she takes the glucose test again." (insert cheeky smile)

Everyone: Game over.

I swear that Dr. T guy is insane sometimes. Any other person saying that would've gotten a punch in the head.

Another interesting moment happened as I was leaving the hospital. Walking down the hall, I see a girl with an obviously precious new baby in her arms. I walk the other way because I'm bitter and just not up to it after the belly-rub incident. I enter the elevator and push the button for the door to close. As the doors slide together, new mom with new baby walks up to the elevator and tries to step in. I jump to push the door open button and being pushing it frantically. I accidentally pushed the door close button. Oops. The doors close, and I am safe. (It really was an accident. I'm bitter but not rude.)

I left the building laughing out loud at myself because I am the insane one now. Maybe I caught it from Dr. T.


The Writer Chic said...

I'm absolutely speechless over the lack-of-brain-cell move your Dr. T pulled, but SUPER excited that you are back in the saddle (even though it is "again"). Hang in there, K, and know that SO many of us are rooting for you, big time. Love and Happy Halloween from Nashville!

Shanny said...

OH my.. I dunno what to think of Dr. T.... maybe you did catch it from him lol
Accident huh? That would be my story about the elevator button too, stick to it girl...stick to it! I, as a fellow infertile, believe you 100%
Keeping my fingers crossed for you!!!

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