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Monday, October 26, 2009

So Much to Ramble . . .

So little energy to ramble it. Let's see . . . we'll start with one of my favorite phrases. I learned it from a client many years ago, and I have neither forgotten it nor stopped living it.

Pronounced "bo-hee-kah":

- Update: Had a nice, little conversation with the billing bimbo at Dr. G&D's office. I basically said, "So, since you're new in this position, I will assume your predecessor did not do her job effectively and is gone for a reason." I then had to call my benefits department to contact my now former insurance company to have them contact G&D's office. Incompetent fools.

- Got a bill from Dr. Terrific's office today for the failed IUI. Didn't think I'd get away with not getting billed for it since it didn't work. Yes, hope was still alive for that one!

- I had my first acupuncture appointment today. I'm interested to see what kind of long-term effects I will gain from it. I didn't feel the needles at.all. There was a bit of a radiating sensation from the needle site, but that was it. We are working on infertility, hand numbness, and back pain. Apparently, my "chi needs to be balanced and raised" and my "uterus needs to be warmed". Okay. I'm game for anything at this point. I even told the acupuncturist to hang me from the ceiling by my feet if he thought it would work. He didn't laugh. I thought it was kinda funny.

- Speaking of funny, I had an interesting moment at the acu office today. After the voodoo was done on my back, the acu had me move to another room for my front voodooing. He had me put on my shirt to move rooms vs. leave my pretty white paper shirt on to walk to the next room over. Then he told me to take my top off and roll up the legs of my pants. When I told him that I left my paper shirt in the other room, he said not to worry about it. Okay. So I stripped down and laid on the table. When Mr. Voodoo came into the room, he seemed a little rattled. It was at that point he grabbed a lab jacket and said, "Let's put this . . . uh . . . there." Oops. I think I was supposed to leave my bra on. He got a full Mardi-Gras style flashin' from me. Of course, I didn't think it was anything until I got in the car to go home. Mr. Voodoo probably thinks I'm a freak. Maybe I am. Infertility will do that to any sane woman, ya know.

- And for the record, I'm tired of former pregnancy loss and infertile women bitching, moaning, whining, and complaining. Many of these women are pg again for the 2nd time since I first got to know them after we both m/c. The complaining about being pg or being a mom must stop in person, on FB, in blogs, and anywhere else where I have access. STFU to all of you. If you want to trade places, I'll do it. Anything to ease your pain and discomfort.

That's all the rambling I can muster for now. I'm tired -- goodnight!


WiseGuy said...

LOL at what happened at the Acu...he must be whistling all the way home!

Bills and Future will always arrive.

I would trade places too.

Thanks for the new addition in my vocab. ;-)

The Writer Chic said...

K, I'm so sorry you're being subjected to stupid pregnant people. =( You are on my heart so much.

Maria (MKC101103) said...

You posted something similar to that last paragraph not too long ago. And I'll say the same thing again...just because I/we suffered through RPL and IF does not make the morning sickness any easier to bear, nor does it make me any less exhausted. I know that your day will come when you totally understand how that feels along with the guilt associated with such feelings. And the self-pity of "didn't I suffer enough and NOW I have to endure m/c for my ENTIRE pregnancy?!?". We are all human and need/deserve to be able to vent when necessary.

As always, hugs to you.

Shanny said...

LMAO at your expense, sorry! I can so see myself flashing anyone with a white jacket on, after a while we really lose it heehee

Marsha said...

Freaking funny about accupuncture!!

I think complaining stinks in general. Whether it is someone complaining about pregnancy, the president, their job....the list goes on and on.
1. blessed to be pregnant
2. blessed to live in the USA
3. blessed to have a job
so on and so forth.
That is not to say that I don't complain about things I shouldn't...but I try hard not to.

Lots of love to you and here's to accupuncture!!!

Trish said...

I'm laughing at the flashing. Once you've gotten naked for half the state, what's the other half.

Sorry the complaining is getting to you. It bothered me when I was in the trenches, too. Everyone has their own perspective.

I tried very hard not to complain when I was pregnant. My desire not to be bothered by annoying pregnancy symptoms is what kept me from going to the doctor when my stomach pain got so severe. I thought it was just heartburn and I should be grateful to have it. Turned out to be my liver swelling- I was dying of pre-e.
Sometimes complaining is very real and needs to be listened to.

That being said, always know your audience. I would never in a million years complain about sleepless nights to anyone who would give anything to have them.

But in my own blog.. my reality is as real as yours.

I'm rooting for you, hon.

NoVaIrish said...

Did he give some beads on your way out? :-)

And I am sorry that you are frustrated with the complaints of those around you. Your feelings are totally justified and I am sorry if I have done anything to cause you additional pain.


Juicy said...

well crap. I complained about Spencer being shoved way up in my ribs. I'm sorry. I didn't have a great pregnancy experience, but I wouldn't trade the end result for anything in the entire world. :(

I can't believe you flashed your acupuncturist. I would have been mortified to flash mine.

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