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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Impossible is Not a Word

"Impossible is not a word. It's just a reason for people not to try."

I'm sure many of you will read this post and wonder under what rock I've been hiding. In all honesty, I've strayed from listening to Christian music like I once did. I mainly listen to music while in the car, and since Christian music often evokes such emotion in me that I can quickly become a disaster in merely a short trip to the store, I don't listen to it as I did before this journey began.

Today I heard the song "What Faith Can Do" by Kutless for the first time. This song perfectly describes how I've held on to hope for almost three years. So many of these words have been in my heart and gone through my head without my ability to verbalize them properly, and to hear them on the radio today just floored me.

The lyrics -- every. single. word. -- from this song helps it all make some sense now. When people ask me how keep going, why I don't just stop, and ask how I DO it, I now have an answer.

As the lyrics say:

"Even if you fall sometimes, you will have the strength to rise." I have no choice but to survive. I have to keep fighting until I can't anymore.

"Miracles just happen; silent prayers get answered; broken hearts become brand new." That can become me. Us. Our family. Our prayers can be answered.

My hope is in my faith . . . I know that I am always "scared to death . . . to take that step", but I have to because I know that "it'll be all right." God makes sure of that.

"Life is so much more than what you're eyes are seeing but you will find your way if you keep believing." I have to keep believing there is more. I have to. I just feel that there is, there has to be, and I hope to show you that someday.


Meg said...

Kristin- Thank you for sharing this song. You are so strong and I think about your journey often!

The Writer Chic said...

God bless Kutless. And you, too, sweetie.

Shannon said...

Oh wow, what an amazing song. Amazing. Hope and Faith are such powerful forces. They lead us to blindly trust that our God will lead us to the destiny that we so much deserve. I cant tell you how often I pray for you. I know you will have your happy ending, Im just so sorry its taking longer.

Shanny said...

This song is so touching. And very very true. You are an amazing strong woman :)

NoVaIrish said...

I believe that there is more out there for you too, my dear. I don't know why its taking so long to get here, but it will.

Valerie and Eric said...

I heard that song on the radio today. It is a beautiful one. Praying for you....

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