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Monday, September 13, 2010

More Blog Love

Rachael has awarded me with the "A Blog with Substance" award.  I've somehow snowed Rachael into thinking that this blog has substance. 

As with all awards, there are some things to take care of now.

1. Thank the giver.

Although Rachael and I have never met in person, we "know" one another.  We share the common bond of IF and all that it entails.  Thanks, Rachael, for feeling that this blog is more than just me spouting off at the mouth (which I typically do!).  Our babies WILL come . . . one way or another.

2.  Sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation & experience using 5 words.

Open, Honest, Real, Infertility, Loss

3. Pass it on to 10 other blogs that you know have real substance.

Since I'm not known for following rules, I'm just passing this one where I can/want for now.
Waiting for a Baby Bump
The 2 Week Wait
Seeking Stork
No Swimmers
Trying to Get a Bun in My Oven
Hope is Ours
Fertile Hope
Writer Chic

Those of us battling infertility manage the suckdom of it every day along with the many, many other women out there. Some manage it publicly, while some manage it privately. While each person must work through things in their own way, I hope that this blog can help those who need to know that they are NOT alone.  My Fertile Ramblings may be my own, but I hope and pray that it can reach those who need a voice and confirm to others that they are not crazy, alone, broken, or forgotten.  Yes, we are all in this together.


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How Many Have Heard These Ramblings?