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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Please Remind Me

When/if my day ever comes to be pregnant and a mother, please remind me of the following things:

1. You are not the only pregnant woman in the world.  Many, many women have lived through pregnancy before, so don't EVEN think of complaining.

2. You have left others behind.  There are many who want to be in your shoes right now & can't be.  Don't forget that.

3. There is no need to post every single detail about your child on the internet (message boards, blogs, FB, wherever).  You might think it's so damn cute that your kid rolled over/pooped in the potty/threw up today, but pretty much nobody cares but you.

There are more - I promise - but I'm tired and just thought of those three first.  ** Disclaimer: if you are a friend of mine (ahem, Maria & Monica), this isn't directed to you.  No need to be paranoid.  ;)  xox


The Writer Chic said...

I figured I was exempt. I think I only FB posted about bacon-induced vomit once. ;)

WiseGuy said...

I remain very conscious of those things...even though I do share stuff on my blog, because that is what it is meant for...I know that others are trailing behind.

Catch on my friend!

Maria (MKC101103) said...

I know it's not directed at me. We all know how damn cute it is when EJ poops :P

And for the record...I do love being pregnant, but I do NOT love throwing up!! LOL.

Baby bump bound said...

The only thing I will remind you is... YOU DESERVE TO BE PREGNANT and BE A MOMMY... everything else is gravy!

Me said...

I think #3 should be SCREAMED from the mountain tops. People are SO oblivious of how much NO ONE ELSE CARES about the day to day antics of their kid(s)!

Marsha said...

I disagree with you about blogs. I personally use my blog as a way to document what my kids are doing. I make it into a blog book. I am not trying to have an audience. I read people's blogs that I care about and I'd like to think the few people who read mine care about even the mundane things my kiddos are up to. (even though I knowwwww you were not talking about me!!)
but the people whose 3 year old is reading a chapter book while they are making homemade lasagna type of fb posts totally get on my nerves!!!

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