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Monday, October 8, 2012

What's in a Name?

If my daughter grows up not knowing what her name is, I will know why.  We have so many nicknames for her right now that I can't even keep up with them all.  A few different names we call Katherine besides her true nickname of Kate are:

Baby Cheetah
Baby Girl
Sweet Baby Girl
Little Pterodactyl
Princess Leia
Chubber Cheeks
Miss Thang
Jane Fonda (after she started doing butt lifts on her changing table)

You have one guess to figure out which two names we use when she's screaming & crying.  Won't be difficult!

And because you KNOW there's never enough cuteness, here's a pic from today.  Mommy needs some Botox.  :)


NoVaIrish said...

You know I think Kate is a beauty, but the love and happiness that is just radiating from you...just wow.

The Writer Chic said...

Ack! That picture!!!! You have to make it your new profile pic! We've all waited so long to see you in this role. It is beautiful and I love it and I want to see it every time I'm on FB! =)

Virginia said...

Such a beautiful picture!

And I cannot for the life of me see why you think you need botox. You are beautiful!!

Shannon said...

What a beautiful baby and mama! Loved catching up on your journey, congrats on becoming a mom!

Shanny said...

Ahhh the name... my kids refuse to call themselves or each other anything other than "baby" lol

You look absolutely beautiful with that gorgeous daughter of yours. I feel a little smile straight from my heart when I look at this pic =)

Brantley Family said...

Oh Kristen - I'm so happy for you! Happen to see on facebook that you had a shower this weekend and I had to find your blog in hopes that it was a baby shower!! She's beautiful!! Congrats!! - Brantley

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