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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Kate's Story - Part II

Busy doesn't describe how things have been since Kate was born.  Thankfully, her birth story is etched permanently into my brain.  However, I still want to get it all written so I don't forget it when I lose my mind someday.  So, back to the day our precious daughter was born . . .

Rewind -- Tuesday, September 11, 2012  Part II  (Here's Part I if you missed it.)

At some point, I did remember to call DH and let him know that I was on the way to the hospital to meet J.  I honestly don't know if I called from school or from on the road.  :)   His plan was to remain at work & line up the rest of his day for a substitute in case this was the real deal.  I remember calling my sister, my parents, my brother, and maybe a few others but I can't remember everyone.

After our dry run the week before, I was thankful to know exactly where I was going.  Considering it was still within rush hour, most people stayed out of my way and let me get to the hospital in a timely manner.  My focus was on driving safely and checking the roadside every now and then to see if J was on the side of the road delivering a baby.  Don't think I'm kidding!  I tried listening to some soothing music to keep myself calm and safe.

Texts continued in from A (agency co-owner) and, as I pulled in to the Labor & Delivery parking lot, she texted me that J had just gotten there.  Good timing so far!  As I entered the building, I saw J's brother and her son in the hall.  Following them while trying not to look like a panic-stricken, overly-excited, hopefully Mommy-to-be stalker type, I heard "Kristin!" from behind me.  J was sitting in the lobby chairs, and I had just passed right by her!  As I walked to her, I smiled and could tell she was tired.  Although this was only the third time we had ever seen one another, it felt extremely comfortable being together.  We talked - though I don't remember about what exactly - and sent texts here & there since both of our phones were blowing up simultaneously.

What seemed like forever was about fifteen minutes or so, and the desk clerk called J's name.  She hoisted herself out of the chair and walked gingerly towards the desk.  They brought her a wheelchair and she sat there answering questions.  Soon, they wheeled her back to L&D while J's brother, son and I prepared to wait.  I offered them granola bars and water and apples that I had shoved into a bag before leaving school.  My hunger waned as my nerves slowly increased, so I continued to drink my water.

J's son is not quite 2 1/2, so he proceeded to cruise the halls, run through the automatic doors, check out the gift shop, etc.  He is such a cute, sweet, and active little boy.  J's brother lovingly followed him around trying to let him be active while keeping him safe.  It warmed my heart to know that I was watching the uncle and half-brother of our baby girl on the day of her birth.    Of course, my mind was with J and hoping she was doing okay.  Since A lived a fair distance from the hospital, I knew it would be a bit before she arrived.

We had not yet discussed a hospital plan, so I had no idea what to expect.  I was looking forward to A's arrival so she could orchestrate everything and make sure everyone was comfortable with how things progressed.  She was the only one to whom this was not foreign territory, and she always handled things with the greatest of ease while making sure we all knew what was happening along the way.

As I watched the guys cruise around the lobby and halls, my mind wandered a bit until a nice woman came up to me and said, "Are you here with J?  She'd like you to come back."  With a big smile on my face, I headed back to the labor & delivery rooms wondering what lied ahead of me.  Little did I know . . .


Anonymous said...

You both are so very blessed, you deserve your precious baby girl! I am so happy for you.

We are about to start our adoption journey and would love for you to email me if you ever have itme:
the banner planner at yahoo dot com
I could use some words of wisdom/advice.


Maria (MKC101103) said...

Little did you know.....WHAT?!?!?

Are you serious about that cliffhanger????? Come on Kekis, WHAT HAPPENED NEXT?!?!??!?!

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