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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Quick Ramble

First . . . to all of the mommies out there, I apologize.  Mommy Brain IS real.  It is not some pretend thing you made up to rub in my face that you had a baby and I didn't.  Mommy Brainz = I gotz it.

Second  . . . Kate is AMAZING.  I can't even describe how in awe of and in love with her we are.  She is now four months old (FOUR!!!) and beautiful, healthy, strong, funny, snuggly, feisty, smart, sweet, curious, and so incredibly cute.

Third . . . I have so much to blog but such little time.  Being back at work and getting Kate picked up at the sitter and home and dinner and cleaning and bath time and bed time and . . . . . . . it's just not getting done right now.  It will though.  I promise.

If you had this to look at whenever you wanted, would YOU get anything done?

I didn't think so.


michelle7250 said...

Those cheeks! Ah :D

Sarah said...

Love those cheeks! :) And Mommy Brain is totally a real thing :) I gotz it too...

Shanny said...

Umm, what is brains? I don't think I've been familiar with it since before the kids were born... lol

And to prove your point: I'm supposed to be drinking coffee but I'm not. Why? Because I'm admiring your Kate, so nope, I wouldn't get anything done either ;)

A said...

she is so cute :) I just nominated you for an award!

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