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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Return of the Pterodactyl

Baby Kate has always been pretty verbal.  She is a calm, happy baby but has expressed her basic needs for sleep, food and diaper changes with cries.  As she has grown, Kate likes to coo and talk and make noises.  She really only cries now when sleepy, hungry, or bored.

As a teeny-tiny baby, Kate had such a squeaky cry.  It sounded like a mix between a baby cheetah and baby pterodactyl.  Enter Exhibit A; Kate at 2 days old (she was SO tiny!) :

At 2 months, her cry was more of a cry than a "call."  Enter Exhibit B:

A few weeks ago, Kate began her "static" language as demonstrated here.  It was so cute and sweet!  Note the descriptor "was."  Enter Exhibit C (pardon my half-nekkid, roly-poly baby!):

For a few days, she just did some cute chuckling and giggling amidst precious coos and static language.  Then this past week, (now that she is such a big girl at four months old) Kate has returned to the pterodactyl as demonstrated below.  She is SO proud of herself.  Kate will use this joyful "call" any time she likes, day or night.  This time, it's killing me.

Enter Exhibit P for Pterodactyl (warning: turn down your volume now):

She's gonna be a talker . . . and screamer . . .and really loud.  Who am I kidding?  Kate is already all that & more!  Oh mercy!!


NoVaIrish said...

Since I watched the videos Maggie keeps making little "ah ah ah" sounds. If she starts screeching like Kate next I am holding you both responsible :)

St Elsewhere said...

I love her sounds...I love the nekkid, roly poly baby.

Figlia was a screamer too. Till date, she is pretty verbal about what she wants, even though its an endless babble of babylese.


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