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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I Had A Dream

No, I'm not trying to be MLK, Jr. or anything, but I had a wonderful dream last night. I have very vivid dreams which are often strange. Last night's dream was not that way though. It was vivid but not strange at all.

I dreamed that DH and I had two blond-haired boys and were getting them ready for bathtime. We had their Batman jammies out on the bathroom counter. (DH is a huge fan of Batman.) We were all smiling and it felt so happy. Then one of the boys asked me what we were having. I told them they were going to have a baby sister, and I looked at my pg belly in the mirror. Then I stretched a small Batman onesie across my big stomach. I thought of how exciting it will be to add a daughter to our already beautiful family. Our sons were so excited and gorgeous and happy. We were just one happy family of four ready to become five.

Luckily I didn't wake up sad like I do after most babies/kids/family dreams, but I felt very happy, blessed, and content. I really want that now. And the sooner the better!


Newt said...

Aaaw! It sounds like a really good omen! (We like Batman at Chez Newt, too).

Chelle said...

Nice! I wish you didn't have to wake up!

Shannon said...

I got the chills reading about your dreams. I pray that dream becomes a reality for you soon!

Shelby said...

What a great dream. It makes what we're all striving for clear for just a moment.

Laurie said...

Let's make it a dream come true!

Maria (MKC101103) said...

That sounds so sweet and wonderful!

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