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Monday, September 29, 2008

Not Me Monday

I decided to participate in Not Me Monday this week. While MckMama (the originator of NMM) and I have never met IRL, I have been following her blog for a while now. She is currently the mother of three gorgeous MckBabies and carrying Stellan, another MckBaby for whom we are all praying.

I debated on posting my week NMMs on my other blog, but wouldn't it be tragic for others to feel uncomfortable by my possible speak of PL or IF? So, without further adieu, in true "Not Me Monday" fashion, I am posting things that I certainly did NOT do this week. :) *Gasp!* The thought of doing such things.

- I did not lounge around for two days this weekend doing nothing and trying to get over whatever this is I have.

- I did not leave serving pieces in my car over the weekend because I didn't feel like bringing them inside.

- I did not use curse words while watching the Cowboys lose by two stinkin' points.

- I did not poas three times this week, just hoping and praying that I might actually be pg.

- I did not tear up at the fact that I received one or two or three BFNs.

- I did not bring home papers to grade and never pull them out of my bag. Twice.

- I did not use sarcasm with my students this week.

- I did not almost choke up when I told my class that they are my children when they are with me each day.

- I did not tell one of my students that I work hard for the $1.67 I earn each day as his teacher.

- I did not B&M inside my head (while sneezing off said head) the entire time we were on an outdoor field trip catching insects.

- I did not bawl out loud while watching the season premiere of the last season of ER.

- I did not catch up on over 500 blog entries on my Google Reader in one day.

- I did not completely freak out when I tried to separate a chicken wing from a drum and blood spewed all over my kitchen.

- I did not tell DH he could eat all of the chicken I made.

- I did not drive my filthy car out in public when it so desperately needed to be washed.

- I did not delete several hours of shows recorded by DH on the DVR because he stole almost 100 hours, and I needed to record MY shows.

- I did not stare at my chart more than once, thinking that it might make me pg.

- I did not worry or have the constant fear of never having children. Okay, that one is a TOTAL LIE. Better quit now before I confuse myself.


Weeksie50 said...

My car always needs to be washed..
I teach Pre-k so I never have to grade papers..

Fun post.. I am loving these not me post..

Allmykids123 said...

I found you on MckMama and wanted to drop in and say Hey! I loved your "Not Me's" and your blog is adorable!!!

elizabeth embracing life said...

So many not me moments to laugh and cry over. Embrace the children of yours by day and pray for your own children not yet known by night. Blessings.

Lucky said...

Good for you!!!! I wish I was as strong as you!!

Like previous posts, I teach preschool! No papers to grade. However, TONS of prep.

I'm thinking about you!

Jennifer said...

you are cracking me up with the $1.67 one! ha ha ha! Great Not Me's!

kate said...

OH my. So many of those could be my "not me's" it's kinda frightning. Especially everything about school. And the grading. Mine is still sitting here taunting me. I am choosing to ignore it though. Again. I'm so glad that you wuld NEVER do those things. :) ((hugs))

Laurie said...

Thanks for the Not Me's!

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