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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Show & Tell: Just Look at Us

For today's Show & Tell, I have to show you a couple of photos of DH & I as children. I surprised my husband at our wedding with a running slide show that included lots of photos I had and others I got from his Dad.

DH in the photo I lovingly call "The Tank." I desperately hope to have a tank baby just like this!

An (obviously) old photo of me that I removed from an oval frame. Yep, still have the damned curly hair.

See why we need to have some babies?! How cute would they be????? Babies with blonde, curly hair & big, blue eyes . . . gotta have some. And SOON!

I've done a little upkeep on this pathetic little blog. Since I was sick of looking at my ugly blog header, I made a new one on Scrapblog! (If you're using Google Reader, you'll have to painstakingly click to open my blog and see the new header.) If you haven't checked out Scrapblog, try it. It's almost addicting as scrapbooking to me. My header still needs some polishing, but I think it looks much better than the old one.


battynurse said...

What cute pictures. I love the one of your husband.

Another Dreamer said...

What cute pictures of you two as kiddos!

himee said...

Very cute baby pictures! So, email me and tell me what all you use Scrapblog for? I want to try it out, too!

Kristin said...

Oh how cute...y'all will make beautiful babies together.

JamieD said...

What cute baby pics!! Now that I think about it, I don't have a single baby pic of my Hubby. I need to pester my MIL for a few.

BTW - I love your header!! It looks great!

Wifezzilla said...

Adorable! And if you look from your husband's baby pic to the grown-up hoto you have to the right, your husband seems to have the same face!

Very cute. Yes, those will be cute babies you guys make.

Antigone said...

I love it!

Mrs Little Fisch said...

Cute pictures, and your blog looks great! I got the idea of using Spell with Flickr from you, if I'm not mistaken, and here you go again, giving me not only inspiration but the tools to do something about it ...

Also: yes, I can see how you need to have babies to bring more of that cuteness into the world. Good luck. I really like reading your blog ...

Stephanie said...

YOu two are both so adorable!! Your babies WILL be goregous! :)

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