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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Welcome to the Astrodome

I decided a few minutes ago that it would be better to say,
"Welcome to Cowboys Stadium with a lovely,
 enclosed, diamond-encrusted rooftop!"

Doesn't that sound better?  Obviously my surgery is complete.  (I could say done since I kinda had a fork stuck in me but naaahhhh.)  All went well as far as I've been told.  My throat is KILLING ME from the intubation, and I'm a bit sore, but that is all.  I have a band-aid across my belly button and no other incisions!  :)  Dr. T removed the scar tissue, found & removed a polyp, found my tubes to be clear & open, and I think he said some endo was removed.  He told DH that there was no way an embryo could've implanted in there.

So, I'm home, resting, and have a crazy narcotic-driven hunger right now.  Think I'll take some meds and try to rest.  More details about stuff later.  Thanks for the thoughts, prayers, messages, calls, cards & other wonderful love.  G'night!


Meg said...

Thinking of you!

Cheryl said...

praying for swift healing.

kate said...

That is great. I definitely think a Cowboy's stadium ute is better than an Astrodome. :)

A said...

So glad everything looks clean and bright! Hopefully it's just the spot where an embie would like to call home for 9 months!

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