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Friday, June 18, 2010

Rambling with Narcotics

Narcotics for me = no sleep.  I finally got up at 6am (after my whole 3 hours of sleep).  It's DH's birthday today, so I let him sleep while I got some stuff done, then my mom came over, we ate lunch, we milled around the house, and now I'm ready to croak.

I've had the chills but no fever.  Mom said it's anesthesia related.  Weird.  My throat is still sore and dry, and I'd feel better if I hacked up a bronchial tube or something.  My stomach is fairly bloated and swollen.  I have a vertical strip about 4" long on the right of my navel that is so sore!  I'm currently on ice packs (my back & stomach) and took another pain pill to help me not sleep.  These narcotics are giving me the munchies too.  Yesterday I got home, ate lunch, slept for two hours, ate ice cream, slept for an hour, ate jello, rested for a while, ate a piece of chicken, then a chicken salad sandwich, and some chips.  Today I'm doing better (less drugs) but it's killing me to not eat the cookies I had delivered for DH's birthday!  :)

I'm rambling . . . again.  I'm bored and not feeling great, but I'm feeling a whole lot better than I did after my other surgeries.  Guess I need to ask the birthday boy what he's making me for dinner.  Honey!!!


Stephanie said...

I came across your blog. I am praying for you that it is God's will that you have a baby. The moment we are able to let things go, realize that what we want right now isn't what we need right now, wonderful and unexpected things happen. I pray for your healing; I pray for you to get sleep. Give it to God, live your life with joy, and that's that. It is what it is.

Baby bump bound said...

I'm glad you are back and in the comfort of your own home. Hope you heal well... and soon. Take care of yourself!!

Stephanie said...

Glad to hear you are doing a bit better. Sounds like they really put you through a lot with this surgery! I'm thinking of you and praying your shiny sparkly new ute will be home to a tiny little tot sometime very soon! :)

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