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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Name That Baby

Last night as DH and I were ready to go to sleep, we started talking about baby names.  I told him that we need to get some ideas together since we have no idea when our baby will come to us.

He is still saying that "Peristalsis Cleopatra Phoenix" is his girl name.  I could kill him even though I know he's joking, so I'm playing along with huge, hearty laughs for now.  Before falling asleep, I had DH yell her name.  From the bedroom DH's deep booming voice calls, "Peristalsis Cleopatra Phoenix _______ (last name), get in here!!!!!"  I almost pissed my pants.  I told him that name didn't work for me.  (Thank goodness.)

Then I had him call for my (fake) boy name, "Nebuchadnezzar Pertussis ______ (last name), hey NEBY, get in here!"  Crazyass thought it was cute.  I won't kill him in his sleep.  Then he calls, "Robitussin!"  Dear Lord in Heaven . . .

So, what have we gained from our second ever baby naming discussion?  This Mommy-to-be leans more towards the traditional while Daddy-to-be leans more towards non-traditional.  Being that both of us are educators, this could be a difficult process.

I have a solution - let me name our children.  Problem solved!  :)


Jenn said...

I'm going to agree, baby naming goes to you! I have to say, Travis picked our girl name (should we ever have one). I can send him your way if you need help!!

Marsha said...

This is easy. Marsha for a girl. Marshall for a boy. I've suggested this to all my friends but they've never used them. Lucky you!!!

Maria (MKC101103) said...

LOL at Marsha's comment :)

My SIL is a teacher and gave me one bit of advice when we were picking names...choose a name that when you see it you know how to say it; and when you hear it you know how to spell it. There is something frustrating as a child to always have to tell people how to say your name properly, or how to spell it properly. Just my assvice that I'm passing along :D

And I would have thought it would go without saying that you'd pick the name?!?!?

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