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Friday, September 21, 2012

So in LOVE

Oh, my baby girl is amazing.  Kate is so relaxed, so chill, so sweet.  Not much fazes her.  She only cries when she's really hungry or mad because I suck at dressing tiny babies.  She is patient with me.  I'm surprised she has any skin left on her head and face because I kiss her all.the.time.

I cherish every single tiny moment spent with her regardless of the time, circumstances, or surroundings.  I told Kate the other night that she was formed from the many, many tears that fell from Mommy's eyes.  I stare at this miracle through tired, blurred eyes and tears fall.  But this time, the tears are different.  Finally.  They are tears of thanks, gratitude, and humbleness.

She is my daughter.  I am her mother.  She always has been.  She always will be.
My dreams have come true in an instant.  I am so blessed.


cjdubs13 said...

Love!!!!!!! Did I miss the post about the call and the match???

NoVaIrish said...


Susan K said...

Kristin, this comment is a long time coming. I've been following your story since way back in 2008 when we met through miscarriage board. If anyone deserves this wonderful blessing after all you've been through, it's you. She's beautiful and I am so, so happy for the three of you. Bask on!

Marsha said...

I'm so in love with this post. Your daughter is so beautiful!!!

Janna said...

Praise be to God for this beautiful blessing!!! So worth the wait!! Congratulations, Mama!!! :)

Anasara said...

OMG congrats!!!

Mrs. Brightside said...

Woah, what did i miss!?!?! Congrats to you!! So happy she has found her way to you. Best of luck embarking on motherhood - so worth the wait!

Maria (MKC101103) said...

Can you believe these moments are actually here??? So thrilled for you! And even more, I'm thrilled for Kate to have such an amazing Mommy <3

Dawn said...

My goodness, I just found your blog & I am already in love! :) My husband & I are about to take the first step into adoption, & I cant wait to follow your story! :) Congrats, she is beautiful!!

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