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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Four Months

Cuatro.  IV.  1/3 of a year.  4.  FOUR!  
Miss Kate is now four months old, and she thinks she is a big girl already!  

The day before her four-month birthday we headed to see Kate's pedi, Dr. D.  After checking in and getting stripped down, Daddy Rambler and I let our wiggly worm have some tummy time on the exam table.  It looked like this before the doctor made it in to see us.

Miss Chunkers was 25" long and 17 lbs. 3 oz.!!!  No wonder my back hurts all the time! The doctor wrote on his monthly report that Kate is a "thriving and healthy baby!"  When Dr. D. said that we hadn't asked him if she was beautiful, I responded, "No need.  We already know she is!"  haha

Since Kate received shots at her appointment, she was fairly fussy on the 11th.   That's why all of these photos are a couple of days before and after that day!  So . . . . . what has Kate been doing besides eating?

She's been bathing,

playing (well, eating) football,

and simply being cute.

Kate is enjoying cereal now.

And sitting in her Bumbo seat is fun, too.

I am STILL working on her nursery.  (Don't judge.  My three week pregnancy went very fast!)  I will post pics when I finally finish.

Keeping up with a diva's wardrobe is hard work for me!  That's just her 3-6 month clothes and doesn't include onesies, pants and her sock/legwarmer drawer.  It's nuts.

Speaking of nuts, I think my little princess has more bows & headbands than Imelda Marcos had shoes.

But she handles it all very well, just posing for me like she's Lily Tomlin or something.

My amazing daughter is changing so much and it is happening before my very eyes.  Time is moving way too fast for me because I can't get enough of Miss Katherine Leigh.  I am so blessed.

1 comment:

Shanny said...

Absolutely STIKING cute!
Love what you've done with the nursery so far.

The clothes? Oh gosh, no. I want to pull my hair out everytime I have to deal with the twins's re-organizing. Right now their drawers and closets are over flowing with current clothes ans smaller clothes. I don't see myself fixing it anytime soon lol

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