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Monday, June 9, 2008

Show & Tell

I've decided to participate in a weekly "Show & Tell" on this here blogosphere. It's supposed to be done on Sundays, but I'm usually running a tad late for most things as it is.

My first S&T is one of my tattoos. The picture is not of good quality & you're probably thinking, "Eeewww - what an ugly ankle" but I don't really care. Do you know how hard it is to take a good picture of your ankle? It's not an easy task!

Anyway, here 'tis:

I got this one on/near the first anniversary of my baptism on April 25, 1999. I decided in that year following my baptism that I wanted a tattoo showing my journey thus far. Since you probably can't tell, my artwork is on the outside of my right ankle between the ankle bone & Achilles. (And before you ask, yes it hurt. Bad.)

I had it placed on my right ankle because that is the ankle that I tore playing soccer in 1998. I was in a boot for six weeks and could neither drive nor work during that time. It was one of those times in your life that God breaks you down so He can show you that He's in control and will lift you up in time. I was lonely, depressed, bored, broke, and feeling pretty desolate. It was in those days that I started feeling a pull towards something - and I thought it was Christ. So, on the ankle for that reason, but what about the rest?

I got the cross because it was at that time that I found God. The wings represent the angels who carried me all those years and who helped take me closer to Him. The waves below the cross represent my baptism. That day was such an amazing day full of many spiritual signs that told me I was where I needed to be.

I hesitated posting this on my blog because while I am a Christian, I am definitely an imperfect one. You may see me curse or question fate on this blog. God will forgive me though. That's the cool thing about Him I've learned!

And you may be wondering about my other tattoo. It is a crescent moon & star near my bikini line, and I won't dare try to take or post a picture of that one!

I have Shown and I have Told. Ta-dum!


Laurie said...

Hey there!

I love reading your blogs and I'll try to comment more! You are a great Christian gal and no apologies are needed! There was only one perfect Christian and the rest of us are just trying our best in this crazy world! Hang in there. Come visit! Miss you!

Mark & Amanda said...

Excellent way to represent your journey so far!

April B. said...

The beauty of being a Christian is recognizing that we are all imperfect. Thank you for sharing your story and your journey. I'm cheering for you!

Stephanie said...

What a beautiful tatoo and a beautiful story behind it.

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