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Thursday, July 17, 2008

I Did Something, but I Didn't Do the Other Thing

I did something . . . I held a newborn baby girl today. (Welcome Ella!) But I didn't do the other thing . . . I didn't think of ways to run from the hospital with her! :)

The best part was watching DH hold her. He's such a big guy that the baby just looked like he was enjoying a Chipotle burrito! I told him that in nine months everyone needs to come visit US and OUR BABY in the hospital. We'll see . . . guess we need to get to work!


Anonymous said...

I am picturing your DH trying to eat her now! I"m so proud of you for not running off with the baby!

Jess said...

LOVE the name Ella! It was on my girl list, but M nixed it so I went with the next best thing and named our dog Bella! Any pics of sweet Ella?

Ashley said...

When DH's grandma was in the hospital it seemed like everytime we went to visit there was a mom and dad loading their newborn up to go home. Everytime we would see this we would whisper ways we could get the baby and make a run for it.

Maria (MKC101103) said...

You need to make your own burrito :) And good for you for not kidnapping sweet Ella. LOL!

Molly said...

Man, your running off with the baby could have been made into a Lifetime Movie!

I posted where we're moving (city) in my blog but I'll track you down once we get settled in. You know A&M Commerce is playing at the Cotton Bowl in October, right?!? Should be a good time.

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