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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Why Baby-Related Companies Suck for Us

The Busted Babymaker reminded me in her blog how out-of-it many baby-related companies are. I commented her blog, and I'll say it here as well because I'm sure she and I aren't the only ones.

I do not need any more cans of formula, coupons, diapers, free photo sessions, baby magazine subscriptions, baby food, health plans, congratulations & more for my non-existent babies. When/if I finally do have a baby, I'll make sure not to buy anything from these companies.

Even the stupid photo studio that I so politely emailed to be removed from their list is dumb. While they removed my information from their database, they bought yet another list that had my name on it somehow for another one of my dead babies. I only emailed them the first time. They, in so many words, replied saying they were sorry about my dead babies but maybe we'd like a free photo session of just us. Good idea. Let's get a shot of the two of us so we can always look back at it an say, "Gosh, remember that time in our life. After we lost three babies. I'm so glad we had that photo session." Seriously.

So, baby-related companies, get your shit together. As much money as you make from all of the mothers with babies out there, you'd think they could afford to maintain a more compassionate, thoughtful database. Think about it. Lots of us really hate you. And you deserve it.


kate said...

Luckily, I never really signed up for much with my pregnancy. However, my INSURANCE COMPANY sent me a package congratulating me on my upcoming baby and a packet on how to add it to my nsurance. Ummm, excuse me? Did you only look at the first half of my medical bills? Did you not see the part where I went to the ER and has a "spontaneous abortion" (their words, not mine). Gee, thanks insurance. I hate you.

Wifezzilla said...

I recieved an $89 value coupon friggen packet in the mail from some sort of baby-related company. i think it had to do with formula, but i tossed it to the side after i opened it and haven't looked back. i'm waiting out my 2WW before i throw it out, if you can believe that. But funny that you mention this, i was wondering how the eff they got my info and what an annoying reminder of whati went through! good luck to you, and thanks for sharing, i can completely relate. i thought it was just me!

Stephanie said...

I very stupidly signed up to be on the mailing list the 1 time I went to motherhood maternity when I was pregnant. I kept getting all of that stuff in the mail too and it made me crazy! I e-mailed someone and they did say they would take me off the list, but it would take up to 2 months to do that. I do get things in the mail still. I won't sign up for any crap again whenever we do get pregnant again.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I get alot of coupons, and reminders from Target on how old my baby is now. Thanks Target. Way to punch me in the gut. Especially since I closed my registry!

mrsdanigirl8 said...

I get Enfamil samples all the time! And just today I got a Huggies pack that said... "Your baby is now 1 month old!"

Thanks for making me feel like shit!

I have just donated the formula and coupons.

(oh, and sorry for the random comment... I just stumbled on your blog)

banbear2 said...

You are SO right. Since my edd was in June I get a ton of stuff. 2 cans of formula and a bunch of coupons for other stuff in the last month. And how do I ever STOP getting the American BAby magazine???????

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