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Monday, May 4, 2009

Paint Myself Blue

My super bloggy-friend, Katie, is in the area and I was supposed to meet for dinner tonight. My stupid car died (like dead as a doornail died) leaving me with no wheels to go meet her. I was even going to avert any plans for No Pants Day in order to see my Katie. Yes, MY Katie.

I'm so disappointed . . .

So, everyone unpaint yourselves with that green envy paint you had slathered on since Katie and I were going to hang out tonight. Instead, you can paint yourselves blue since I'm sad that today's opportunity is gone. The only good news is that Katie's Dad did well in surgery and is recovery nicely now.

Maybe now Mr. & Mrs. Happy Hours will move to Texas to avoid all this needing to meet stuff. Yes, I know she just read that! :)

1 comment:

Katie said...

But I did get to enjoy a 30 minute conversation with MY Kristin! And it was great and just what I needed :)

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