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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Show & Tell: Thoughtful

After my Mary passed away, life oddly went back to normal in about 48 hours. It's been the past month or so that my grieving has really surfaced. When that process first began for me, a package was delivered to my home. The package was sent to me from precious, awesome, funny, sweet, talented, kind, thoughtful and everything-else-good Katie. I'm FINALLY getting to posting about it and thought it would make a great Show & Tell.

The first part of my package was a beautiful Willow Tree Angel. It is the "Thinking of You" angel, and she's holding a shell to her ear. When I sent Katie an email to thank her for such a precious gift, I shared with her that lately shells had been popping up here & there in reference to Mary. Mary loved the ocean and water, so a shell would be very fitting. Right now my angel is sitting on a shelf next to my side of the bed. I think of Mary every time I see it.

The next part of my wonderful gift wasn't really for me. It is a GREAT book titled, "Talk to the Tail (cause the whiskers ain't listenin'!). It wasn't really for me though, because the inscription in the front of the book was addressed to our Mindy, Mackey, Pippin & Steve from Harley & Jersey. :) If you have both dogs & cats, you'll get a real kick out of this book!

What we didn't know when Katie sent this package was that she would soon lose her precious grandmother as well. Just like Mary and me, Katie and her Granny shared a special relationship. We both miss our grandmothers terribly, and while we are so glad that we have such wonderful memories, it can never replace having them here to love. As we both tiptoe skip run kicking and screaming through PL & IF, I know that Katie is on my side and understands. How blessed can I be?


Maria (MKC101103) said...

Ok, let me preface this with I know how morbid I'm about to sound. However, I'm a big believer in signs, superstitions, and stuff like that. I lost my grandmother a few months before I had maybe one generation needs to pass in a family before the next generation arrives???? Just sayin since you both lost your dear grandmothers recently. Ok, now you can all roll your eyes at me ;)

WiseGuy said...

Very blessed, I must say!

The thing about grieving is that one can never pre-empt when it sill actually sink in...{{Hugs}}...Katie was really thoughtful...and what coincidences...

I am sorry about her grandma...

May the departed Rest in Peace.

Thinking of you....

himee said...

What a sweet gift! I LOVE Willowick angels and that one seems so fitting for you!

Trish said...

a great friend!

Katie said...

Thank you for including me in your Show and Tell. I told you Mary was in Hallmark with me because that wasn't the angel I went in there for. I headed to the register and went back and got that one. How did I get so lucky to find someone like you :)

Beautiful Mess said...

Aww how sweet! Katie is truly an amazing friend. Your Willow tree Angle is beautiful. Sending you hugs and peace.

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