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Monday, December 20, 2010

Blondes Needed

DH was watching one of his (boring) political morning shows yesterday just before 10am. Because I wanted to spend some time with him, I made us some breakfast and was "watching" the show too.  However, I quickly became thoroughly confused when the timestamp on the show's crawler showed 9:10 and I KNEW that it was almost 10am.  I checked the clock, checked the TV, and repeated that a few times.  Then I told DH that the TV network had their time wrong!  Without rolling his eyes too much  Without laughing at me  Without calling me a dingbat DH politely reminded me that the show was playing from the DVR. 


My response?  "Well, however we decide to have children, we need at least one that is a true blonde.  I'm gonna need some help around here!"


Rachael said...

that sounds like something I would do/say. Anyway, I'm crawling out from under this rock I'm in and I just wanted to say that I'm soooo sorry for this past cycle. There's not a good enough word for how much this (and IF) sucks. I'm here if you need anything. (((hugs)))

Marsha said...

:) Thanks for sharing your blonde I know I'm not alone! Xo

Maria (MKC101103) said...

Total LOL.
And what a boring dud he is for watching those shows...there is plenty of good reality tv on that time of day :)

WiseGuy said...

Ha Ha Ha!

Good for spending time with him to watch something you do not like as such...reminds me of the too-much-action flicks my DH enjoys and they get a bit too much for me.

Happy that you got a chance to smile, especially as the weeks gone by have been so unkind.

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