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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Article Comparing IF to Other Diseases

Has anyone read the article titled, "What Women with Infertility, Cancer, HIV, and Chronic Pain Have in Common - And Why Few Understand It?

Yes, I'm infertile but don't consider myself a "survivor." Doesn't a survivor have to make it to the other side to be considered such? Either way, I've heard the IF to cancer comparison and don't care for it. My grandmother lost her 32 year (yes, 32 YEAR) battle with cancer in March of 2009.  Three other friends lost their battles with cancer just this year.  I would never compare their battles to my battle with infertility.

I guess the comparison rubs me the wrong way because - really - who wants any of it?  It's doubtful that there are lines of people waiting to sign up for cancer, infertility, HIV, AIDS, chronic pain, or any other disease. It's not that I have a better term than survivor, but I just don't like it. While my battle will not lead to the death of my physical self, it may be the death of my spirit and dreams.  But still . . .

Read the article, including the comments, and come back here. I'd like to hear what you all think.


Meredith said...

I feel like you are a soldier in a never ending war. You are constantly fighting new battles and trying to overcome new obstacles. You have emotional and physical scars just like a soldier.

Maria (MKC101103) said...

I don't know that I'd say "survivor" is a bad choice. Don't know it's the best, but it certainly fills the definition. I also think that people who never experienced it first-hand may not be able to comprehend just how awful it is. I think many people are disinterested in getting close details about someone going through IF (as if it's contagious) and often those going through it don't share with their families any or all of their struggles.

There are plenty of people seeing therapists for their IF issues, so I think it's very valid to point out the emotional toll it takes (just as the blogger mentioned possible suicide).

In the end, if the term can be used as "surviving a car crash" then I can certainly use it to describe how I survived the countless assaults on my body in the name of procreation.

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