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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I'm trying to stay fairly quiet.  There is a lot brewing inside of me right now.  I know that once I finally let loose, all of my emotions will spill out and possibly (okay, almost definitely) unleash a wrath on anything/anyone in the path.  Teaching children and the pressures of school make this somewhat extremely difficult.  Pretty much everything I'm doing feels difficult.  My cursing aloud has mutliplied because I know I'm just really pissed right now.  I'm also really sad, but I won't go there.  I'm the person who once I start cry, I don't stop.  There are some new rivers to be made here in Texas soon.

Granted, my appointment on Friday could go delightfully well but - HA!! - who am I kidding?  Therefore, my plan is to lose my shit this weekend.  Just wish I had some kind of a sound-proof, padded cell in which to lose said shit.  I'll at least need to find a safe place for DH.  Do they offer shelters by the hour for men with crazyass wives?  You know . . . kinda like a no-tell motel that you pay for by the hour?  Poor guy - he'll probably need one.

Until then, I'm quiet.


Brooke said...

I understand the not being able to stop crying once you start. Although I have never been on the amount of drugs you are on right now so I cant imagine the level of difficulty you are dealing with as far has holding it together. Hang in there girl.

Kim said...

Hey now- you just posted about what a wonderful guy your hubby is, so I'm sure he'll want to be there for you and dry those tears for you. But hopefully, they will only be tears of joy.

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