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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Still Here

I'm still alive but have been sick as a dog. I laid around all last weekend because I felt something "coming on", but I didn't know what it was. By Tuesday, I left school and headed to the doctor. Severe bronchitis - and it's taking forever to go away. So much so, that I've been going home and ordered to bed by DH each evening. I'm CD4 and looking forward to him "ordering me to bed" in the upcoming days! But I digress . . .

I'm heavily debating about some things right now, so I'm not sure what exactly I'll be posting about our TTC journey in the near future. I love having so many people read our blog, but I also have become much more private in our journey that I have ever been as a person before. DH is a very private person while I am not at all. If/when we get pg again, I'll want to respect his wishes and maintain some privacy and secrecy until we know the viability of the pregnancy. If/when we ever get a bfp, very few people will know (including family, friends, and all of my dear readers).

We are also experiencing lots of stress at work and family illnesses. My birthday is next week, and the TTC pressure of age (and probably some senility already kicking in!) don't help. At least we have our two-year anniversary and spring break to keep us going for now. After that, we'll just have to hang on for dear life until summer vacation.

Hopefully we'll be cleaning out the 2nd guest room to start on a nursery then . . .

I know I'm rambling, but that's what I do.


KandiB said...

I've become a much more private person, too. It's all just too close to the heart to have anyone involved who doesn't really care for you and not just interested in the gossip. That's why I blog. I didn't give my blog address (or tell anyone about it) to any of my friends or family. I use a semi vague name (so they can't google me). I can say what I want in my blog, and feel like I'm venting w/o people intruding....

I hear ya. If you need to take time off from blogging (or treatments), that's okay. Do what's best for you.

I hope you feel better soon.

Marsha said...

is this because I said that I would stalk your blog? well, i will just stalk your classroom now then. NOT REALLY! I respect the fact that you wanna keep it private and tell people in your own time. I just look forward to the day that I hear the good news....and I will be praying that day will be very soon!

Meredith said...

Kristin I think you are incredibly strong and you and Todd are in my prayers!


Wifezzilla said...

Here's my secret. i write a lot of posts, but save them as drafts. this way, my thoughts are out of my head and i could see them, but i dont have them open to the world until i am ready to share.

just a suggestion.

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