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Saturday, March 21, 2009


Although I didn't say anything about it on this blog, I REALLY thought I was pregnant after all the symptoms I was having - sore boobs, nausea, massive bloating, pregnancy/bfp dreams, waves of crampiness, and throwing up dinner one night. I'm trying REALLY hard not to get depressed about it. Disappointment is a nice way to describe how I feel now.

It's scary because I'm 41 and just don't have a lot of time now. I just can't give up. I have to have a baby. How did I go from being pg three times in one year to NOTHING?? I feel like I don't know anything anymore.

Time to double up on the Prozac (which I quit taking in the 2ww), drink like a fish, have a sushi/hot dog/deli meat/soft serve ice cream/soft cheese sandwich, and figure out where to go from here.

This sucks.


Molly said...


Laurie said...

A glimer of hope - a gal we know here in S.A. just had a baby - without any fertilization help.

Oh, btw, she's 45.

You've still got time sister.

noswimmers said...

F*ck hun...I'm sorry. Really, truly sorry. :(

Brooke said...

I hate that evil whore of a af she is so mean and I think she has given you quite enough hell for one lifetime. ((hugs))

WiseGuy said...

This totally sucks!

Where is that guy who supposedly stayed on the top floor?

Maria (MKC101103) said...


Chelle said...

((BIG HUG)) I'm sorry.

House of Brodt said...

(((hugs))) I was really hoping that this was your month. Continuing to send prayers your way.

Shanny said...

This sucks =(


Marsha said...

:( so sorry Kristin. I hate it for you...really really bad. prayers are constantly being said for you and future baby h.

mrsmoore08 said...

Sorry for your losses and BFNs. We were able to get pg a couple times back to back in our first year of marriage too. It's been a year since the last m/c and we are still ttc. What are you on for MTHFR?

Juicy said...

stupid stupid fake pregnancy symptoms. :(

Dude, I am still keeping you in my good thoughts pile. Until you tell me otherwise, you're gonna remain in the "in" box.

FWIW, two of my aunts (on different sides, mind you) had kids in their mid-40s (43 and 45). So, uh. There ya go.

Lots of hugs, my dear.

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