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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

One Year Ago Today

Our 3rd loss - a c/p - began a year ago today. I began spotting and just knew. Just the day before, I was nauseous and (while trying to hide the pg) eating crackers and drinking Sprite all morning. My friend Laurie was thankfully in town and thankfully figured it out. (She's just smart like that - ha!)

The next day when I woke up to spotting, it's like she knew by looking at my face. That afternoon, Laurie literally placed her hands on my stomach and prayed for DH, our baby, and me. Her praying over me was such an amazing experience. I just cried as she prayed. Unfortnately, God had other plans for our little angel. Guess He needed a third to help mediate fights between our other two angels. :)

As of today (for the most part), I haven't been pregnant for a year. It's just crazy to think that we went from 3 pgs in one year to NOTHING. If we don't get pg this cycle, it will mean that we will have been dealing with pg/RPL/IF within FOUR calendar years before we hopefully have a baby in our arms. Ridiculous.

Other than that, I told DH today that we are on "phantom symptom watch." I only gave that up because he caught me grabbing my tits. HAha! (Note: still no sticks in the house.)


WiseGuy said...

There are such sad milestones strewn in the paths of infertiles.

Good Luck to you!

Laurie said...

I love you gal. I can't believe that was a year ago. You are precious.
Let's pray these phantom symptoms are the real deal.

P.S. Anytime you need a prayer, I'll be there! (tee hee - a rhyme!)

Katie said...

Big hugs for my favorite Kekis

Crysbena said...

I'm sorry that you have this anniversary to remember. That is so frustrating that you had 3 pg's in one year and none the next?!!?! It's just seems like it's dangling the baby carrot, you know? Someone told me the other day that she tried for 5 years to have her baby girls...but somehow that didn't make me feel better so those aren't going to be my comforting word to you. Instead I'm sending a ((BIG HUG))'s just not fair for anyone to go through this.

noswimmers said...

I'm so sorry...hitting those milestones is SO hard. Sending lots of love and hugs to you.

Shanny said...

Big hugs for you my dear.
These anniversaries are so sad, even worse is that its 1 of 3. I can't imagine how you feel but I'm here to support you!

Marsha said...

been praying that THIS is the month...and that you have a healthy baby in the month that you are due! I get pretty specific! ;)

KandiB said...

It never makes any sense. My prayers are with you, sister.

Chelle said...

My heart goes out to you.


House of Brodt said...

Thinking of you. (((hugs)))

Bluebird said...

You said so much in your post - you've been through so many things, any one of which could cripple a person. I'm so proud of your strength, even as I'm so sorry that you have to be. I'm sorry you're facing this milestone today. Each one sucks.

Juicy said...

Your friend sounds lovely. And I'm sorry it's been a whole year. That just sucks. That was most of my 2008. Two crappy m/cs in 2007 and then nothing for ages. Took us 5 years so maybe the months coming up will be better?

I'll keep my fingers crossed always.

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