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Friday, February 5, 2010

Summary of a Pep Rally

IUI #3 went well. I've been very crampy, bloated, and tired, and honestly too tired to ramble in much detail. Here are some "highlights" because you know a visit to Dr. Terrific is almost like a trip to an freaking amusement park.

- My mom came over Thursday night and shot me up with the trigger. She showed DH how to do it in case we get stuck having to do IM injections again.
- While getting dressed yesterday morning, I was carrying DHs goods in between my breasts to keep them warm. (as you already know) Thankfully before DH left, I remembered that I had NO cash & asked to borrow a buck from DH to pay for parking. DH slipped the dollar into the hip of my pants as if I were a stripper. I told him that I just made poster woman of infertility & we should really take a pic. Hear me roar. Again.
- Didn't get a specimen jar from the doc's office when we scheduled the IUI, so I used a specimen cup (provided by my mom which DH llooovveedddd) that I covered with saran wrap. Yep, we're the WT of the ARTS lab. Go us!
- Recognized by the ARTS lab lady & another receptionist at Dr. T's this morning. I've spent way too much time with these people.
- I inquired about a frequent flyer program at the ARTS lab. No such luck. Damn.
- DH's numbers were perfect. Again. Hopefully one - just ONE - of those 28 million sperm with awesome motility and morphology hits the target.
- BP was way high when I arrived for the IUI, so Nurse A and I relaxed and got it down.
- I was really pretty relaxed. I put on my fancy paper skirt, kicked back with one leg hanging on a stirrup, and waited for Dr. T.
- As he entered, I told him that I had pep rally music. I'm not kidding you. I played this song during the IUI. Dr. T told me to put my phone on my uterus just in case. :) Pep Rally music during an IUI was a first for both of us.
- I held two good luck charms during my IUI. One was a penguin toy and the other a baby I pulled from a King Cake a few weeks ago. Yes, playing music and holding toys will mean that I get pg this time. Kinda creepy & weird, huh? The photo I took of them is rotated correctly, but the lovely Blogger obviously wants that changed.

- Dr. T said that I deserve to be a mother. He's right.
- As I waited "in elevation" after the IUI, I listened to my inspirational & relaxing music. I started with What Faith Can Do, Need You Now, The Great Adventure, and something else I can't remember. As I listened to the first song, the tears began to flow & I couldn't stop them for a while.
- Luckily I got myself together before Dr. T came in to check on me. When he asked if knew how long I'd been in there, I said, "Three songs." He told me to wait five more minutes, then I could get up.
- No need for CD21 b/w. My p4 last cycle was 18.6. I'm sure had I been pg it be much lower, huh? :/

Ssoooo . . . . . as of today, I am 2 weeks and 2 days pregnant. Our imaginary baby is due October 29. Pray for it and us. Here we go.


Juicy said...

October is a lovely month for a baby, I think. So congrats on being 2w2d pregnant! ;)

And you're right, Dr. T sounds, well, terrific. You do deserve to be a mom. Can't think of anyone else who deserves it more. I'll let you borrow Spencer if you'd like to practice for your upcoming baby?

WiseGuy said...

Laughed at several 'bullets' in your post.

Hoping and Praying for you.....

Sars said...

love you guys and am praying for you!!!

NoVaIrish said...

Lots of prayers on the way from a very snowy VA!

A said...

I am also 2 weeks pregnant! :) I was chuckling at the pep rally music! Haha :) Here's hoping our IUI's this time are successful :)

The Quarke Family said...


Marsha said...

Dr. T is smart. You do deserve to be a mommy.

Can you have that baby 2 days early---October 27th is my bday!!!

Shanny said...

October 29 is a good day, its DH's birthday =) We are sending lots of babydust from here!

By the way, I'm a bit disappointed there was no pic, the image in my head is hilarious!

Kim said...

Loved your post and LOL'd at it! I wish there were a few more pics though :) Best of luck to you this time around. Your dr is right- you do deserve to be a mommy and I'm praying for you!

Maria (MKC101103) said...

Didn't you say at the beginning of that (very long) post that you were too tired to ramble in much detail??!! LMAO.

It sounds like you and Dr. T. are a perfect match :)

Wifezzilla said...

I have a lot of hope for this cycle also. I will be waiting for the news, and hoping for the best news possible!

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