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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Uuuhhhhh . . .

My appointment with Dr. Terrific was this afternoon. I made it early to my appointment despite rainy-day, late-afternoon traffic. I was immediately recognized by the receptionist, which let me know I've been there a lot lately. Nurse Amazing came to get me and immediately put me on the scale. Being so disgusted by my weight anymore, I hopped on the scale - jacket, shoes & all. I'm surprised that I didn't hold my purse, too. Somehow - and I don't know how - I've lost five pounds since my IUI and a total of nine pounds since November or December. You certainly can't tell by looking at my fat ass, but it made me happy. Nurse Excellent walked by to say hello and actually saw me smiling in the office for a change.

But that's not what you really want to know, is it? Well, despite the positive scale results, my blood pressure was up and Nurse A didn't like it. I told her that I was surprised that it wasn't much higher with the two weeks at work I've just survived. (Like stroke-worthy two weeks.) So, Nurse A took my bp again a few minutes later, and it was up even a couple of more points. We quit at that point. Dr. T walked by and I made some kind of remark (possibly, maybe a smart-ass remark) to which he replied, "You don't want to be seen today, do you?" We then laughed after he said that I have the same lack of filter that he does, and I in return told him I wasn't that way until I became his patient. :)

But you don't care about all of that either, do you? I got changed into my paper skirt, and thought that manufacturers need to make these in resuable form. I mean, I go through so many that I could just have my own locker in the office. Dr. T came in and told me about his 92 year old patient with a flatulence problem. (Thank God that wasn't me.) Cynically, I told him about my bum ute, whined my frustrations, & complained about this being my 34th or 35th cycle as the condom-laden dildo cam began its way towards my girly bits.

Dr. Terrific and I chatted while he checked out my bum ute where we suprisingly found a lovely 10.5mm lining (which is good). I possibly, maybe said something sarcastic along the lines of, "Oh goody. I have a nice lining." He scoffed and continued on the dildo cam journey. We quickly came upon some dark spots on my left ovary. Two were very, very small. Above those little crappers was a nice large one. Yep, a 16mm follie on CD13 darkened the fuzzy screen (which is also good).

So . . . short story made long . . . trigger tomorrow and IUI on Friday. ACK! My WTH appointment turned into me hopping on the roller coaster again. So far, things are looking positive though. My forever favorite substitute is available to take my class on Friday, and with some crazy luck my trigger was paid for by insurance, costing me only $10. Woot!

Anyone else that wants to hop on this next freaking coaster ride, you better harness in tight. If the life and times of my jacked-up body continue, this will be yet another bumpy ride.


Lucky said...

Exciting!!!! GOOD LUCK!!

Katie Cupcake said...

Oh my goodness I am so excited! Sending you lots of prayers and good thoughts for Friday. Love you

Sars said...

so excited! lots of prayers headed towards you guys!

Juicy said...

that's tomorrow!! EEeeeeeee!!!! Yay for IUIs. Dude, 2010? Your year.

Shanny said...

yay, I'm sending you tons of luck my dear!

Alissa said...

Praying for you! So glad you love Dr. Terrific :)

Marsha said...

woot woot! prayers being said right now!!!!

kate said...

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

crossing my fingers and toes!

Jamie said...

your post got me all excited!!!

The Writer Chic said...

I gotta tell you, K, even in spite of the gravity of your subject matter, I'm so proud of you for still finding a way to keep your spirits up (even if only in prose). I'm sitting here in prayer right now, hoping that this IUI is the beginning of the (happily ever after) end. XOXOX

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