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Friday, February 12, 2010


And I'm bored. I can tell the trigger is out of my system because I'm feeling unpregnant now. I've eaten an entire pineapple (core & all) in three days. Pork, other meats, and alcohol don't gross me out. No super smell. No sore boobs. Nothing. I'm simply bored with it all now.

Luckily we've had beautiful, record snows here in the Big D, so I've been able to entertain myself making snow angels and taking snow pics. Unfortunately, the snow will thaw and I still won't be pregnant. Hmph.
Guess it's time for more hot dogs, sushi, red wine, and soft cheeses.


A said...

Do you get your progesterone checked? I hope it's looking good! I don't have any super smells, but sometimes I do feel just "off" the last few days. I'm praying that I've become so used to all the symptoms that they don't phase me anymore and I won't realize when they actually ARE pregnancy ones! Praying for you, too!

The Writer Chic said...

Chin up, lady. If all your past symptoms have always ended up with AF rearing her ugly head, then feeling un-pregnant is a good thing. Right? xoxooxo

Hopeful34 said...

Don't give up yet!!!! GL I hope this IUI works for you :)

NoVaIrish said...

(big hugs) I'll keep hoping for you.

Lucky said...

I keep checking on you all the time!!! I'm pulling for you!

It's awesome to see you on the photography board. You take GORGEOUS pictures. You are very talented. And you're more than welcome to come give Jack a squeeze anytime :)

Hugs and prayers!

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