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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Explanations Anyone?

How many of you have tried to explain how you feel during all of the female stuff we have to endure?  It's quite comical I think.  Sunday night I spent a few moments trying to explain to DH why sex was uninteresting because AF was a week late and I felt like crap.  Now, how do you explain bloating?  Cramps?  Ovarian pinching?  HA - you don't!  So . . . you try.

All I could come up with was, "Wellllll . . . ya know . . . uhhh . . . ya know how it feels when you're kinda constipated and you feel that you need to poop . . . but you can't?  Yeah.  That's how it feels."  What a terrible explanation!  As I was trying to fall asleep (but couldn't due to discomfort), I thought of what I should have said.  Next time I'll write it down in the dark & try to decipher it in the morning.  It was good - REALLY good.  But I did sleep at least a couple of hours last night and forgot.

So, what have you tried to explain (successfully or unsuccessfully) to your DH/SO?

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Tara (psychmusetls) said...

How true that is! It's impossible to truly describe. I know that nothing my mother told me actually prepared me for what it felt like. I get horrific cramps in my lower back and I tell my husband that it feels like someone stabbed me in the the back with a large dull knife and left it there...

Rachael said...

Yup, just like Tara I tell DH that when i get the lower back pain it feels like a knife was left stuck in my spine. And then the area goes numb for me (I've had a few surgeries on my tailbone as a bonus, woo hoo - NOT!) When I feel a little cyst burst from my ovaries it takes my breath away. I tell him it probably feels like I kicked him in the nuts. He usually babies me after that ;o)

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