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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It's That Time

I'm going into the land of privacy for awhile.  I absolutely HATE blogs that are private, but I need to take my mind and thoughts on the road for a while.  Fear not, fine followers, for I shall return into the land of public ramblings in a very short time.

Until then . . . I'm saving my ramblings as drafts until I go public.  Let me know if you want to be a part of the exodus change for now.  Share your address with me or email me at kekis26 at gmail dot com.

You have less than ten days, my loves.  I'll be back in the world of public consumption soon, but I need to get some things out with the people who are nosy really give a crap.  Hope you're around for the long haul.  We could be cruising for a long time or slamming headass into a wall going a bajillion miles an hour.  Join me!

As we say in Texas, "Love ALL Y'ALL!"

1 comment:

kinsey said...

hey kristen. i would love to keep reading your blog. i teach at mpe, obviously used to teach with todd :-) my blog is private, but i have room if you want to be added--i have 2 that are exactly the same, just couldn't fit everyone on one. anyway, i haven't ever talked about miscarriage on my blog, but i have been through it and i think and pray for yall often. i have to keep reading because i know yall will have a baby soon! and you make me laugh ;-)

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