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Monday, October 27, 2008

Don't Upset the Grouchy, Crampy Lady

AF is here. With a vengeance. And cramps. And bloating. And BIG TIME cramps. Did I say cramps already? I don't usually have bad cramps (did I say it again?), but these are not fun.

Now to the upsetting the grouchy, crampy lady . . . Can I say stupid scheduling bitch at the RE's office again? (Stupid Scheduling Bitch!) Seems like there isn't really anything "open" in the OR for November 6th right now. Nope, nothing open at one of the largest hospitals in the Dallas area. Nothing. Zip. Nada! I'm not sure how much is S.S.B.'s fault & how much is the hospital's fault, but c'mon people. I have cramps & I want this surgery done. (especially if it will alleviate these cramps) I was told that she'd know something on the 29th. Yep, my school will love getting a week's notice that I'll be out for a couple of days. It really won't be that much of a problem, but I want the doctor's office to think it will be.

SSB calls me back at work while 32 beady, little eyes watch their teacher try to speak in code on the phone. I finally told the lady that I couldn't talk, and I'd call her back after school. Then she continues to hold me hostage (as I call it) on the phone. I interrupted her one last time and said, "As you know, I'm a teacher. I have a classroom full of kids waiting on me right now. If he can't do it, I will find someone who will. I will call you back after school." Click.
Yes, I will call back. And Crampy Lady will be ready. Hope that stupid RE's office is ready!


Jen said...

Stupid scheduling nurse! Doesn't she know who she is dealing with here!

That really is sucky though and I can totally get your frustration.

himee said...

oooh!! Fiesty! I love it! You get that dumb lady! They think we can just take a break and talk to them whenever we feel like it! Right!

KandiB said...

I never thought about having 32 ears listening to fertility calls. Now THAT takes serious skills. I've got an office with partial walls, so everyone can hear my conversations. You have to learn "coded clinic talk" - I bet you're a champ!

Janna said...

So sorry about AF and all the cramps!!

I had the same issue when I was scheduling my lap. I would ask to talk to your doctor and see if he can work something out. Sometimes doctors will come in a little earlier so they can get a surgery done before their office hours start. That's what mine did. He normally doesn't do surgeries until after 8:30, but he called the OR scheduler and scheduled mine himself for 7:00 so I wouldn't have to wait a month and a half to have it done. GL

Maria (MKC101103) said...

Yikes. Lesson learned...don't mess with Kristin!

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