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Sunday, October 19, 2008

What if?

Okay, what if we get pregnant this month? Holy crap! My hysteroscopy is on the 6th. I'm having the surgery because there is a "uterine abnormality". If I get pg, it sounds like whatever is in there (suspected to be a fibroid or polyp) might be in the way for the normal development of a fetus.

I guess we'll see. Think I'll go eat an orange.


noswimmers said...

Yikes...good luck!!

Hope2morrow said...

You can always work through the what if's.

Jess said...

God will take care of the what if's...but ya gotta hand them over! I know, harder than it sounds...but it will take away the anxiety. :)

Lucky said...

Huh oh... it "could" though, right? Not for sure. I hope everything works out.

Take care and GL with your surgery!

Teresa said...

I truly hope you are pregnant this month!! Been following you for awhile!

Stephanie said...

I will say a prayer for you. Sometimes things happen that we really think are impossible. ((hugs))

Tracy said...

Lots of prayers, Kristen. You really know how to keep us in suspense. Pregnancy or surgery?!

I hope you get your little one soon.

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