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Monday, October 13, 2008


Bloodwork done - Saturday 10/4
HSG done - Monday 10/6
Results received - ?????

All of my lab work is not ready. Since all of this labwork stuff has gone online, it seems like things are pretty screwed up. I might be the patient, but I am not patient. Nine days post-draw is ridiculous. I did get two whopping numbers from all of my b/w. My proteins (S & C) were normal. Protein S = 95 (normal range is 60-145) and Protein C = 105 (normal range is 74-151). I nicely told the lady giving that little bit of information that "they took seven vials of blood, so they better figure it all out!"
So, hurry up and wait. My RE's office is hunting down more results. My RE hasn't even talked to my OB/gyn yet about my "abnormal uterine cavity" and who is going to do the surgery. Hello people???!!! I'm sitting here with an abnormal cavity & I need it fixed. I'm sorry you had a religious holiday on Thursday and had a difficult surgery today. What about the other days?
I wish they would just flip a coin to see who wins the "Doc-That-Gets-Into-My-Hooha-Again" Award. And NOW.


Laurie said...

Who are these people? What a bunch of chumps! Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Rat bastards. They better get their acts together!!!!!

Chelle said...

GEEZ! Reading this makes ME frustrated! You tell em to hurry the hell up!

On a side note, I was told by my OB that I had a deviated septum (thingy) in my uterine cavity... My RE said that was not the case. I showed me on an u/s. Just food for thought. I almost went to surgery when I didn't have to.

Hope2morrow said...

How idiotic. I would be completely ticked by this point. Sorry for your frustration!

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