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Sunday, October 26, 2008

From the look of things . .

We'll be having surgery before a baby. (Thanks for the update reminder, Tracy. Shouldn't you be trying to go into labor or something??!!!) I'm honestly kind of relieved because most likely a pregnancy right now wouldn't survive the beast in my uterus that needs to be removed.

I am scheduled for November 6th surgery, but the stupid scheduling bitch at Dr. G&D's office won't confirm it. I know that sounds rude, and so be it. I've called their office three times to get the surgery scheduled and she gives me no answers. She's given me repsonses like, "It's so far out to schedule surgery" (WTH?!) and "What other dates would you like?" (Answer: None - it has to be done during a certain time in my schedule & as a teacher I can't just head out for surgery one afternoon.) Gosh, you'd think I'm actually excited about having another surgery as many times as I've had to make contact.

I'm calling tomorrow to speak directly with Dr. G&D. If they aren't overly concerned about scheduling my surgery, he certainly isn't going to get up my hooha and deal with my only uterus. There are plenty of other men, I mean doctors, who are willing to get all up in my hooha and get the job done.

On a non-complaining note, DH & I went to a Halloween party last night where the hostesses hired a card/palm reader for the guests. DH & I went in together, and learned that I'm having 2 children (+ our 3 m/cs), and DH is having 7 children (which includes our 3 m/cs). You KNOW these card readers know all! Guess we'll just wait for knocks on the door some day to figure out who those other two children of his are! ;)


Hope2morrow said...

Hang in there, but I do think it is a great idea to call and talk to you doctor.

Love the card readers thoughts on the number of kids. LOL! Maybe you should ask hubby about that one. HA!

KandiB said...

Keep bugging them about the surgery. Because by the time they "let you" schedule it, the day(s) you want will be taken. You go get 'em!

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